Unable to edit text and graphic elements in Adobe Acrobat

05-09-2022 10:24 AM
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I am unable to use Adobe to edit text or graphics on one of my map templates. My coworkers typically add footers, text boxes, change text, and reduce the file size after I export it so this issue has made that difficult.

I originally imported the template from ArcMap to Pro. It involves three map frames. Any other map template I use that is exported to pdf is able to be edited in Acrobat except this one. The export layout properties are the same as all other templates too. I also have a landscape version imported from ArcMap that has the same issue.



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It seems if I export a PDF from an imported mxd, the "Output as image" is selected by default.


If I un-check that then export, it allows me to edit the text in Adobe.

Only tested with a single map frame, so not sure if this is what you are running into.



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The 'Output as image' button is unchecked when I export and run into the problem.

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