Trying to fix different projection error w/ "Esri 2020 Land Cover" layer

01-27-2022 05:24 AM
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In ArcGIS Pro where I am using the standard, out-of-the-box "World Imagery" basemap, I am using the "Esri 2020 Land Cover" layer from Living Atlas (and quite a few others as well).  When running Analyze to share my map, I get the error:

"Service layer has a different projection than the map's projection"

and "Esri 2020 Land Cover" is noted.  The PCS of my basemap is WGS 1984 Web Mercator (Auxiliary sphere). I know the above error indicates that the cache service layer ("Esri 2020 Land Cover") has a different projection than the map being shared, and the doc for "Esri 2020 Land Cover" says the data projection used is UTM.

How can I go about correction this issue w/ "Esri 2020 Land Cover"?  I do not want to change to PCS of all my other layers and the basemap just to fix the issue w/ this one layer.

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Are you sharing it as a web map? In that case, could you remove the "Esri 2020 Land Cover" layer and share as web map.

Then, open the webmap in a browser (Map Viewer), and add the "Esri 2020 Land Cover" from Living Atlas, and save the webmap.

Let me know if there is any concern in the above workflow.

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Yes, I am trying to share the entire map which includes "Esri 2020 Land Cover" as a web map.  My problem with the proposed solution is that I would have to remove-and-re-add said layer every time I make changes to the map in Pro.  I have made changes to the layer in terms of configuring pop-ups and labels which I would have to re-do every time.   Is there another workable solution?

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if this is the data

Esri 2020 Land Cover  Esri 2020 Land Cover - Overview (

then have a look at the properties since the original data were in UTM, but the mosaic isn't

Variable mapped: 2020 land use/land cover
Data Projection: Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)
Mosaic Projection: WGS84
Extent: Global
Source imagery: Sentinel-2
Cell Size: 10m (0.00008983152098239751 degrees)
Type: Thematic
Source: Esri Inc.
Publication date: July 2021

see if the properties in a new map are showing the units in meters or in decimal degrees

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That is exactly the layer I am using, noting the publication date.  
Looking at the properties of Esri 2020 Land Cover in Pro, the Source tab shows:

Extent values are in degrees
In Spatial Reference, the GCS is WGS 1984 w/ Angular Unit = Degree, Datum = D WGS 1984

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FYI - I created a new project in ArcGIS Pro.   For the base layer I selected the stock World Imagery.  Then added the Esri 2020 Land Cover layer straight from Living Atlas.  Analyze still produces the same error.  

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