Trace Tool Gets Stuck On in Pro

11-12-2019 11:38 AM
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Whenever I create a new feature with the trace tool I can't get the trace tool to turn off. I've saved edits, closed the "create features" pane, switched from the Edit tab to the Map tab in the top ribbon, and selected the "Explore" tool to navigate the map. From that point on every click becomes a new vertex in a feature I don't want to create. Any ideas? Am I just not navigating the toolbars correctly, inadvertently leaving the "create features" tool on?

Running ArcPro 2.2.3

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Hi Dylan,

That is certainly odd behavior, and I can't reproduce it. I'm also using 2.2.3. The only time I've seen similar behavior of a tool getting "stuck" was here: Stuck on pan tool 

...and possibly more relevant here: Stuck on Explore Tool While Editing 

Do you happen to use Trend Micro or Webroot antivirus software?

Either way, please report the issue to Esri Technical Support: 



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