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Stuck on pan tool

Question asked by kjackso44 on Jun 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2020 by HongminZhang
I contacted tech support about this a few weeks ago but it's still an issue (that isn't easily solved, apparently).  I'm running 10.0 (SP 4) and maybe a couple times a week, without warning and with no standard lead up, my pan tool takes over.   No matter what other tool I click on, the pan tool is all I get.  Restarting Arc does not fix the problem, and sometimes restarting my computer doesn't even work.  Sometimes it will fix itself in 10 minutes, while other times it lasts over an hour.  Tech Support tried to view my desktop remotely and of course the moment he was viewing, it fixed and he couldn't see the issue himself.  He suggested I reinstall Arc and choose the "repair" option, so I did that.  It lasted maybe a week or so where the problem didn't surface, but it's back again.  My question is: has anyone else experienced anything like this?  Every GIS colleague/friend/acquaintance that I've asked has no experience with this at all and are in agreement that this is very "odd."

Keith J

(And FYI, while I typed out this message, the stuck pan tool went away and I'm now able to work again.  Only about 40 minutes today...)