Threatlocker & ArcGIS Pro experience

09-28-2021 03:26 PM
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Does anyone have any experience with the security software, Threatlocker, particularly as it relates to ArcGIS (we're on 10.8.1 currently, and in the process of going to ArcPro)?  My IT Department did a surprise installation of it on all my servers and it wreaked havoc, at least initially.  It quarantined all python scripts, Powershell, .bat files and transaction log files.  At least, that's what I've found so far.  It is in a "learning phase", so we'll have to make exceptions for all of the files, but just curious what happens beyond that.  Appears this is going to be a losing battle for me, so if anyone has experience on how to make this less painful and more workable, I'd love to hear whatever y'all are willing to share.  Thanks!

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