Texturing an obj

03-11-2022 01:51 PM
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I'm trying to add in some 3D data from a LiDAR scan we've done to a local scene in Pro 2.9.

The software I'm using to create the data is Trimble RealWorks, where I'm creating a mesh, texturing it with photos, and exporting it as an .obj file.

It's all correctly georeferenced, and it loads in to Pro just fine with Import 3D Files (3D Analyst)

However, none of my texture shows up. 

For reference, here is what I see in RealWorks, and here is what I get in Pro.



I've checked, and the symbology is set to "White (use textures)".

When I exported it to an .obj, an .mtl file and associated photos were exported with it. 


How can I get the correct textures to apply?

This is apparently not an uncommon problem; People have had similar issues as recently as a month ago

It looks like my options for exporting from RW are CAD, KMZ, and OBJ. CAD loads in as white, and KMZ keeps prompting me to repair the data source.


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Hi @AlfredBaldenweck have you managed to find a solution?

received an obj with jpgs and, same as you, my imported 3D file isn't textured, and I do not have idea what to do  😑


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I'm sorry, I never figured it out 😕