Table attribute permanence

01-04-2022 12:57 PM
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Pro 2.9, I am trying to change the order and visibility of fields.
I have successfully changed length but whenever open a new instance of the layer 'Visible' and the field order are reverted to the default.

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These properties are linked to the layer.

You should think about saving the layer as a layer file. Add the saved layer file instead of the feature class next time.



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by Esri Contributor
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Could you try changing the field order and visibility from the catalog window or catalog pane instead of the table of contents.

  • The catalog window/pane deals with feature classes in a geodatabase,which is stored in the data source.
  • The table of content deals with layers, whose configurations/modifications are only stored in that particular map. Hence, the "resetting" behavior when the same feature class is added to a new map.

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