Synchronize changes from a replica to child version.

09-01-2021 04:06 PM
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When you create a replica of a child version in catalog, make edits, and then go to right click on the replica (catalog) -> distributed GDB to synchronize the changes. It automatically synchronizes the changes from the replica to the child version, not the parent. Then you can pull in the version into a map, and with the versioning toolbar post that to the parent.

However, I am looking to do this the same way in pro and it will not let me. The synchronize changes geoprocessing tool (in Pro's catalog) automatically reconciles with the parent. Is there a way we could reconcile the replica to only the child version? I'm aware I could always go back into ArcCatalog and do it that way I described. Simply, I am looking to reconcile a replica to only a child, not the parent. As a two step process.

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