Symbology - multiple text attribute fields (shape and color)

01-15-2021 06:35 AM
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I would like to check if there is a possibility to set the symbology for a geometry feature based on two attribute fields (one for shape and other for color). 

Utility Type - Bench (Circle), LampPost (Cross), BusStop (Square)

Maintenance Status - Open (Red), In Progress (Yellow), Closed (Green)

Thus, if the attribute values for a geometry field is Bench and In Progress, the symbol should be a Yellow Circle. On the status being changed, the color should change to reflect the same


On checking, I found it is possible between size and color but I would like shape and color.

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Yes, you can symbolize by multiple fields.  I think 3 is the maximum*.

To do this you will need to select your layer-->click on symbology-->symbolize by unique values.  Under keep adding up to 3 fields.



Tip:  You may want to click on the label column to give each symbol class more readable title.

Tip:  Once you have the 9 symbol classes created you can select 3 classes at a time and change the properties for the selected features.  This way you can change all of your utility type features to circles at the same time.  You can also go back and adjust the colors for the selected features as well.

Tip:  You can also use an Arcade script to create feature classes, I do not know what the limit is, but creating feature classes this way might be more time consuming.



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