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Supported way to change ArcGIS Pro license type via script?

09-07-2023 07:20 AM
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Our organization performs silent installs of ArcGIS Pro via powershell script.  These are per-machine installs and the vast majority utilize a concurrent license via an on-prem. license server.  We have some edge cases where we would like to alter the license type of be a named user... for example if a VPN connection is not available to a user.

I'm inquiring if there is a supported way of doing this in a scripted fashion, without having to completely uninstall the software and delete registry keys such as "HKCU:\SOFTWARE\ESRI\ArcGISPro" and "HKCU:\SOFTWARE\ESRI\ArcGIS Online For Pro"... then re-install using appropriate MSIEXEC switches to setup the new, default license type.

Thanks in advance!


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