Summarize Nearby mean value lower in border areas

07-28-2021 01:20 AM
New Contributor

I’m having an issue with the Summarize Nearby tool, and can't tell exactly what the problem is...

In short, I am creating 1 km buffers around all my shop locations (points) for my study city to capture mean data of different measures (average age, income, gender breakdown, etc.). I ran this many times previously and it seemed to work fine. Since the latest update (I’m not sure if there was a change in the update or just coincidentally this is happening) I am having difficulties with shop locations near the border of my summary input features polygon. I’m assuming that it is taking 0 for the value of all areas within the buffer outside of my polygon border. Thus the mean is much lower for shops located on border areas than those with the buffer completely included in the polygon layer. 

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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