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04-01-2021 06:27 AM
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Hi All,

I like to print statewide large format maps, usually 36x48. I always have difficulty settling on a basemap that I like. At most times, labels for highways or towns seem too small, but I'd still rather use the basemap reference than adding my own layers.

For those that like to print large format maps, what is your favorite basemap?




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Is scale not a factor in this?  If not I'll take a Robinson vector map of the globe, with countries shaded in only 4 different non-touching pastel colours.  A nice light blue pastel for the oceans.

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Most of our large format large area maps we either use the Topographic map or our our land base data we have imported.  i.e. centerlines, hydro, county and state boundaries. We use definition queries to limit the features. Like we only show County Road and higher. and then we  can limit the labels.

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You can create a custom basemap using the ArcGIS Vector Tiles Style Editor and make a basemap with larger labels:

After you save and publish you can bring it into ArcGIS Pro from the Catalog Pane under the Portal tab. 

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