Stream Mode Digitize in 2.3 - unstable

01-25-2019 12:24 PM
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Nice to see this feature was added to 2.3 but it needs a way to manually set the vertex interval like in previous versions. As it stands now, the resulting digitized line is made up of an auto-incremented set of vertices that are dependent on the map frame current view scale. Successive vertices are also only generated at 90 or 45 degrees which is very limiting.

It also is very unstable and crashing the software if too many vertices are generated. No error message or or log is created, Pro just closes when trying to finish sketch or view vertices. Seems to be zoom level/scale dependent.

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Thanks Ian,

See step 8 for streaming options Create segments by streaming vertices—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 

We'll take a look at the crash.

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Thanks Sean for confirming the option to set streaming interval is available. For my install, I had to reboot after install for that to work (i.e. pressing O initially did not open options dialogue).

Testing stream mode digitizing after reboot is no better, causing crash with numerous different configurations on multiple computers.

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Thanks, this is certainly on our radar and have been able to reproduce crashes on one machine but not yet under the debugger (or even on my development machine without the debugger going).  As yet something unknown is causing this to be more/less likely to occur.  Will have an update when we learn something.

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Its been two years and this tool is still not properly implemented. The stream tolerance is not adhered to and vertex distance appears somewhat random and unpredictable. 

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