Stationing lines in ArcGIS Pro

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01-28-2021 12:00 PM
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In ArcMap there are apparently tools for stationing lines.  See here: Adding linear events by station measures—Help | ArcGIS Desktop

Is there a similar process for ArcGIS Pro?  I have figured out a bit of a workaround that gets me close by using $measure with the symbol property connection enabled for the route.  But it doesn't give true "stationing" in the format of 4+03.12 for instance. It displays 403.12 instead.  Is there a way to get true stationing in ArcGIS Pro?



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A quick tour of ArcGIS Roads and Highways—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

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I know this can be done with the ArcGIS Enterprise Roads and Highways available via the Location Referencing extension with the workflow listed here but I'm not seeing a similar page for ArcGIS Pro.  I'd recommend tagging this post to the Roads and Highways Esri Community page.  Perhaps folks in that group may know more.

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Marketing wise, calling it "Roads and Highways" leaves out about 3/4 of the community that uses linear tools.  Pipelines, electric lines, water lines, sewer lines, all the other linear projects out there that need the tools and they just call it "Roads and Highways".  

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Justin - there is another product, ArcGIS Utility Network, that focuses on the types of networks you mentioned.  You can learn more about this product and it's capabilities here.

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To  all those that are following and looking for a good answer that doesn't require purchasing additional extensions or products to display stationing.  I came up with the following arcade syntax to label stationing on routes.

var Station = $measure+25950
//$measure gets the length from the route feature
//If start station is not zero, start station should
//be added to the $measure to set the start station.
var ModStation = Station%100
//ModStation returns the remainder after
//dividing by 100
var Start = Text((Station-ModStation)/100,"##.##")
//Start gets the value before the + sign
IF(ModStation == 0){
var End = "00"
} ELSE {
var End = Text(ModStation, '##')
//The function above is required to display 00 if
//the remainder is 0. Otherwise would only display
//a single 0 at 100 foot intervals
var labelStation =""
labelStation = start + '+' + end
//This assembles the Start and End text into station
return labelStation

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Thanks for sharing this tip! I just used it on a map that I'm working on and it totally worked!