Stacked labelling causing font anomaly

08-02-2020 07:58 PM
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We are re-authoring our services using Pro and have come across an issue I cannot resolve.


We have a map, currently sitting on a server we are migrated to our new Enterprise environment. It was orginally published using ArcMap 10.5.1 you can see the resulting map here TSB Festival of Lights . Note the label for "Japanese Hillside" next to Fountain Lake.

Image showing ArcMap

The Problem

The only way I can explain it is, Now that we are going to publish our new service, we are using ArcGIS Pro

However, it appears in ArcGIS Pro that using "Barlow Condensed" fonts the labels that have 'J' (or 'j' in them, create unexpected results.

They either rotate (if no stacking is applied) or if stacked, cause the J to disappear and for spaces to appear.

I can confirm that spelling the word with a different letter fixes the issue.. however I need to spell Japanese with a J!

Image showing ArcGIS Pro with stacking enabled

Image showing ArcGIS Pro without stacking enabled

the extent shows another nearby label in the same layer to illustrate that the Japanese Hillside layer should not be rotated .. no rotation settings are set, but my label rotates none-the-less.

Creating a map service inherits the same anomalies.

More details

I have limited it to the Letter J or j in the font Barlow Condensed. Both Stacked and Not Stacked manifest different and undesirable visual effects on the label.

The font has been reinstalled, this did not help. I understand that at face value it may appear as a font issue as other fonts are fine - however, if there is a bug that needs fixing instead I would prefer this is looked into, instead of me working around an issue that was not there in ArcMap

If someone can help, even if to install the font and see if this happens with them too, we've been using this font without trouble before Pro. 

Also, I upgraded to Pro 2.6 and it still happens.

Any help appreciated.

Melissa Brooks

New Plymouth District Council

New Zealand

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Melissa Brooks‌,

I would definitely recommend reporting this to ESRI as a supposed bug a.s.a.p.

I unfortunately have had to report multiple major bugs in the Maplex label engine for multiple consecutive versions of ArcGIS in the past three years. In fact, the Maplex label engine has had blocking issues for me personally in versions 10.3.x to 10.5.x of ArcMap, and Pro 2.0? to 2.3?. Only with ArcMap 10.6 and I think it was Pro 2.4.3 were these issues finally resolved and could I finally get results comparable to ArcMap 10.2.x (which appeared to be largely bug fee to me).