SQL Spatial in ArcGIS Pro - integer coming in as an objectID

02-03-2021 04:53 PM
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In bringing a SQL Spatial table layer into ArcGIS Pro, in the translation, a field in the SQL Server Spatial table app607_flag int NOT NULL (from the SQL DDL), comes in as app607_flag, Object ID, FALSE (no nulls allowed), but hides the field in ArcGIS Pro.  We did not see the data in the output and found that this is why.  There are two other fields with similar settings come in as expected as Long, FALSE and they are not hidden in the output.

If anyone can tell us why this is, it would help us figure out whether this is something that the SQL Server DBA can correct, or is it a BUG?

We were able to unhide this field, but it still shows up as an ObjectID.  Any suggestions as to why this might be?

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