Split Polygons at smallest width

02-18-2021 12:20 PM
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I am trying to split a larger polygon into smaller polygons at the location of the smallest width of the polygon finger.  The original polygon is a representation of the flat land above a dendritic landscape.  I am trying to split the "fingers" or "peninsula" of the polygon at the location where the valleys pinch or where the finger ends and the upper landscape starts getting wider.

In the images that accompanies this post, the red lines are representative of the locations I want to split the larger polygon.  I have tried "Split Narrow Polygons" but it is trial and error to find the right values for min width and min length.  Also the tool is in Production Mapping extension and would require others to purchase this tool.

If there are any ideas or tools that I am missing that could do this type of geoprocessing, I would welcome them.  I have experiment with the NEAR tool and some buffering but am not getting the result I want.  Thanks in advance.


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