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Specify number of columns in table frame element of layout

06-05-2024 02:41 AM
New Contributor II

Is there a way to specify that there must be multiple columns in a table frame, even if there is not enough rows to completely fill the first column?

For example, I have a table displaying coordinates for the vertices of polygon plots. there is a range in the number of coordinates associated with each plot (4-40), across the whole dataset. 

Regardless of the number of coordinates, I always want there to be 2 balanced columns in the table. So if there a 4 coordinates for a plot, there will be 2 rows in each column. And if there are 36 coordinates for a plot, there will be 18 rows in each column. 

I hope this makes sense. Currently I can only see that a second column is created when the first column is completely filled. 

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