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Specify layer/label class with auto text tool

06-08-2023 01:11 PM
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I have posted this as a feature request here ( Auto Text Tool/Click-to-Label: specify the layer a... - Esri Community ) but I am wondering if there is a solution I am missing since it seems so elementary. I am trying to label a road with a graphic label via the auto text tool, but even when I turn off all other layers and all other label classes in that layer, I still can't get it to label the road. I get a 'Graphics: Unable to create element layer' error.


There is a SQL query on the label class but as you can see I am clicking a feature that fits the criteria. There is no tooltip prior to clicking. I have also tried removing the query and turning labeling off.


I would prefer that this be a graphic "override" as opposed to annotation; in this case, the label just doesn't want to place when all my other layers are turned on.

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I am having similar issues trying to create graphic labels using the Auto text tool - it will work for some layers but not others.  Can anyone explain why it might not work for certain layers?  The two layers I am working with at the moment are both coming from enterprise SDE and have similar labeling properties so doesn't make sense to me why it work for one and not the other.