Spatial Analyst enabled for user but cannot be accessed

10-07-2021 07:13 AM
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I am the Administrator for our Arc system here at medium-sized university.

I have a class that needs to use Spatial Analyst.  I have enabled this extension for all in the class.

HOWEVER, some students cannot use it--it is not an option that they cannot access.  I have attempted to enable Spatial Analyst for each individual.  The system says they are enabled.  No luck.  I have had the students sign out of their systems & reboot their computers.  Nothing changed.

Submitting a help ticket does no good because it just comes back to me. 

Please help.  I need to resolve this immediately for the class is working on an assignment.

Many thanks

Chris Thiry

Map & GIS Librarian

Colorado School of Mines.

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have those individuals go to the Project backstage and select Licensing to see what their actual license status for the Spatial Analyst.

What type of licensing are you using ? ArcGIS Desktop licensing—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

@curtvprice  FYI  mining school in trouble

Curtis might provide some more target help


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You didn't say ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro. If ArcMap, and ArcGIS Administator app says they are licensed for Spatial Analyst, students need to go Customize > Extensions and turn it on.  If Spatial Analyst is not shown as licensed in ArcGIS Administrator, you need to update their license file (single use) or license server (concurrent) to support Spatial Analyst. Assigning Spatial Analyst in ArcGIS Online does not provide extension licenses to ArcMap, it's authorized from license files, not by username.

In Pro, extension licenses should just work, if the user is authorized from ArcGIS Online by the site administrator.

Since you have an academic license there is no reason not to license everyone for everything when you set up the license files.

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Submitting a help ticket does no good because it just comes back to me.  

@ChristopherThiry  greetings from the South Dakota School of Mines!

Re support, instead of asking for help on the site, you should request support from MyEsri ( or go to  If you do not, someone in your organization has right to call - the phone number is also available at both those locations.  Hope this helps.   

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