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01-24-2020 07:59 AM
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I've had trouble with this in the past. My new issue is different but kind of the same. Let me explain.. I've organized the coded domain values so that they will appear alphabetized in the drop down menus when editing the attributes. However, the values are alphabetized when looking at the domain values tab, but jumbled when selecting from the drop down list while editing an attribute for a feature. 

Am I missing something? Is this expected behavior or is it a bug of some sort? If it is expected behavior, maybe someone can explain why Pro wants to rearrange the attribute values order in the drop down list when editing the attributes of a feature. 

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Hi Dave,

I tried it on my end, but can't reproduce a sorting issue with domain dropdown when editing. The sorting always matches the domain order for me.

  1. What version of Pro are you using?
  2. What is the Field Type of the domain (Short, Long, Float, Double, Text)?
  3. Does the issue persist if you remove the layer from the map and re-add it?
  4. What if you add the feature class to a new map in a new project?
  5. What was the order of operations? Example: create the domain > apply it a field > make edits > modify the order > attempt more edits
  6. Where is the data stored (examples: File Geodatabase, SQL Server database, etc.)

Thanks for any additional details,


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