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Snap to grid (layout items)

06-16-2023 07:02 PM
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Finally starting the process of ingesting templates and style from ArcMap into Pro and making the necessary fine tuning adjustments. The lack of snap to grid in layout space is causing some headaches, has anyone come up with a solution for this? Why is this missing from Pro??

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I like to use guides for snapping. The Add Guides... option allows me to quickly add multiple guides and create my own grid at a custom interval I can snap to. 





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Thanks, that will be a useful tool while I adjust.

The 1/32" ArcMap grid is nice because it is always on but you don't need to see it to use it. It's the perfect density to quickly align/size elements by eye and get perfect overlap on edges with no extra steps. I am quite sure as I get used to the layout positioning options in Pro it will make more sense why grid is not included, sometimes I just have to be forced out of my comfort zone! 😄

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Snap to grid" is a feature commonly found in design and layout software that allows objects or elements to align to a predefined grid system. It helps to ensure precise positioning and alignment of elements within a layout. Here's how to use the "snap to grid" feature in various software:

  1. Adobe Photoshop:

    • Create a new document or open an existing one.
    • Enable the grid by going to "View" in the top menu of , selecting "Show" and then "Grid."
    • Adjust the grid settings by going to "Edit" > "Preferences" > "Guides, Grid & Slices" (Windows) or "TikTukMC Photoshop" > "Preferences" > "Guides, Grid & Slices" (macOS).
    • Ensure that "Snap" is enabled under "View" in the top menu.
    • Drag and position your elements within the document, and they will snap to the grid lines.
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