SLPK file : Arcgis Pro vs CityEngine

01-17-2019 05:21 PM
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Recently i just discovered that SLPK file created using Arcgis Pro will be bigger size (byte size) compared to SLPK file created using CityEngine. However in term of loading time of SLPK create using Arcgis Pro faster although have a bigger size. My question ;

(1). Why there’s different in term of byte size?

(2). What different between SLPK CityEngine & SLPK Arcgis Pro

just to give u some figure for info:

I have 150 of 3D City Modelling about 80,000 3D models... when I convert to SLPK file using Arcgis Pro & CityEngine here is the byte differences— SLPK CE (6gb) vs SLPK A.PRO (29gb)

Thank you

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