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Slow Importing of Features to Enterprise Geodatabase

01-26-2023 06:29 AM
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Hi there,

I'm trying to import data from a local file geodatabase into an Enterprise Geodatabase. The file geodatabase is relatively large, approx. 30gb. When I ran the import through the UI it took over 16 hours using ArcPro 3.0! The machine I'm using to run the import isn't the most powerful, but it isn't the worst either. After I ran this I realised it didn't copy across the relationship files and non-spatial files (completely my fault). I am changing my approach and I am going to export the file geodatabase as an XML and then import it into the server using import from XML but even the export is taking too long.

Is there any other approach I could take to speed this up? It's pretty ridiculous the export/import takes so long. 

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There could be several reasons why loading data into the Enterprise database is slow. What you can try:

* on the enterprise geodatabase : create your schema with empty feature classes & tables. remove indexes (including spatial indexing for feature classes -> very important, there is a tool for that). then load data via the append tool. after loading, activate spatial index again

* what is the bandwith between your client and server? I suppose you use a database connection. do you have a fast connection between your client and the database? if not, is there a possibility to run the load process on a server, "close" to the geodatabase?


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As Jan mentioned there are lots of factors that go into loading data into an Enterprise Geodatabase.

What is the RDBMS being used?

How complex is the data? (networks, topology, etc.)

Usually getting the client as close to the RDBMS as possible is best for performance. Are you using a VPN to connect?

--- George T.
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