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10-15-2021 08:00 AM
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Good evening everyone. I am trying to classify a point cloud in ARCGIS PRO but I have a problem with the point selection command. When I select the cloud layer, the classification menu opens and there is the select menu. When I try to select the points and then I zoom in to the cloud, I notice that I have not selected all the points but only those that it sees on the screen. How can I do to remedy the problem? Thank you

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I have the same problem. It selects only points visible on screen. The documantation says that I should use LAS dataset displayed at full resolution but I have no idea how to set it up. When I use Profile View, selection works correctly with all points.

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Hello all, I have the same problem. Did anyone come across a solution in the meantime?

I have also tried the option "visible points" on and off but it is always only a subsample of the point cloud selected.

Thank you.

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