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09-19-2021 10:27 PM
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I am new to ArcGIS Pro, having used ArcMap for years. ArcGIS Pro is somewhat very irritating. For example, clicked on the "Select" tool and I can't figure out how to get rid of it. I want to go back to pan but don't know how. I have tried all the tricks (right clicks etc) but nothing seems to work.

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@RichardKoech in the map context ribbon, just single click on the explore globe 🌎 and it'll revert you back to panning the map and not selecting 👍 be sure to clear your selected features if necessary



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@RichardKoech - Just click on the Explore Tool under the Map Context Ribbon:



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Agree with the above answers - I would take it a step further.  Customize the Quick Access toolbar (top left of the UI) and add the Explore tool here.  This way you don't have to click the Explore tool on the Map Core Tab in the ribbon.  Makes it much easier to switch on/off tools!