Select Features by Attribute with Iteration not working :-(

05-02-2019 12:37 AM
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Hi guys,

I'm interested in measuring angles of two point layer feature classes. One point layer feature classes consist of 1 point per incident (input) and the other feature class of multiple points per incident (near features). Both classes have a field through where they're related. So basically i'm generating near from one point to many other points. 

In both the feature classes are all the features listed, and that are a lot of features. So manually selecting the features by attribute works fine and i get the correct near table but i want to automate the process to select features by attribute and generate a near table per unique value from the input features with the near features who have same id.

I worked through a lot of comments and i made a model based on the iterate per field value and came up with the enclosed model from the modelbuilder. 

What works: I get two seperate Near Tables based on the selected input features, that's fine

What doesn't work: The Near table are based on all the Near features from the All Near Features class. It seems like my model isn't selecting near features based on the Value from the iteration (NearTable one should have 131 near objects and NearTable two should have 253) . Anyone have a solution for this? 

thank you,


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