Select by location using selected features

02-18-2019 02:12 PM
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In ArcMap, you can select by location using selected features in the source layer. Is there a way to do this in ArcGIS Pro? I can't seem to find an option to do this anywhere. I know the functionality of ArcGIS Pro is lacking still, so is this something they just haven't put in yet, or am I missing something obvious?

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works for me.  Selections in two featureclasses... crank up the tool, did a quick intersection, then the magic of select subset from the current selection... 

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In my case, I am trying to select point features (Selecting Features) that are coincident with a separate feature class selection (Input Features) and running the Select by location tool. The select by location tool in ArcMap allows you to check a box that says selected features. This functionality does not exist in ArcPro, and using the "Select subset from the current selection" only works if you are trying to narrow your targeted feature class's already selected features. Back to ArcMap for this task until this functionality is added.

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Ross - can you include some screenshots with the explanation.  

I've tried to compare between ArcMap and Pro what you're describing.  Here I have selected 2 features from my airports, and I want to select the Points that intersect ONLY SELECTED airports.

We see that I get the two Points selected that we expect:

Now in ArcGIS Pro, I have selected 2 airports.

I have three big green Points, none of those are selected.  Since I want to select the big green Points that intersect only the selected Airports, I'll select the PointNotes in the Contents and click Select by Location.

The tool opens and I set it up like this:

It runs and honors the selection, giving me the two selected points that I expect.

In ArcMap, the Select by Location dialog is not a geoprocessing tool, so needs user input about how to handle a selection.  In ArcGIS Pro, this is a geoprocessing tool, and geoprocessing tools honor selections.

If this doesn't help, what are we missing?  Could you provide a similar explanation along with screenshots?


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Hello Kory, I had my selection groups switched around on the "Input Features" and "Selecting Features" as that terminology was confusing to me. I thought Selecting Features would be the features I would be selecting, and input features would be the ones I am using to select from. I realize had that backwards after reading your thorough explanation above (as well as the little info help dialogues that I overlooked in the tool before). Thank you for the quick response- back to ArcPro to finish this process.

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Is there a way to have multiple selecting features in Select by Location? I tried doing it with a Batch Select by Location as posted in but I have proven through trial and error that this does not work. I want to create a select by location for a polygon layer using a set distance from a line layer (streams) and also a another polygon layer (lakes). I want the resulting selecting to contain all of the input polygons which are located within 500 feet of my stream layer as well as all of the input polygons which are located within 500 feet of my lake layer. I apologize for posting this question here, but I cannot find the Create a Post button on the ArcGIS Pro Questions board. It seems to have disappeared. 


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