Select by Attributes glitch - missing the last entry

10-06-2022 06:32 AM
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I've been facing a glitch recently when building a selection query with multiple clauses. When I click Apply or OK after building the query, it removes the attribute value in the last clause. Has anyone else experienced this? The work-around I found is pretty simple, just clicking Apply first and then when the attribute value is erased, I re-add it, click somewhere else in the query window, and click Apply again and this time, it usually works. However, it would be ideal to not have to do any work-around at all, as sometimes if I just hit OK I may not notice that the last clause was eliminated.

Not sure if this is something ESRI is aware of or working to fix, but it is indeed a minor inconvenience in one of my most common GIS tasks.

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Same here, this issue has been bothering me for a while now.

It happens when I use the floating Select by Attributes pane. Running the Select by Attribute tool works as expected for the first selection. When I choose a new dropdown value then click apply, the selection often reverts to the previous value. It does not seem to recognize a new value was chosen from the dropdown list.

Changes made in the SQL expression window do not have this problem, it is only happens when using the dropdown.

It is inconvenient for sure, especially when the floating window default size is only wide enough to see the first 12 characters of dropdown values. This can make the problem easy to miss.

My current work around is to click the SQL slider. For some reason this causes the tool to register the new dropdown selection and run as expected.

Anyone else having problems with the Select by Attributes dropdown?

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