Saving ArcPro projects & have no option for an .aprx

02-07-2022 11:40 AM
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Hi all, I am very experienced with Desktop, but just switched to Pro (2.9.1). I used to, but no longer have the ability to save projects as .aprx. I anecdotally observed this happened after a software update, but can't confirm. The only file type option I am given is "folder" (please see below image).
This option will create a folder containing the .aprx & other items, but I just want the .aprx.
I have checked my settings (Options > General > Create projects > unchecked 'Create a folder for the project') & haven't seen anyone else experience this.

I image it's a simple fix due to my unfamiliarity with Pro, but I am at a loss. Can anyone help?



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stuff has to go somewhere so you probably want the options

new projects go in the default location

uncheck create a new folder

and select same geodatabase for all projects

and no new toolbox 

etc etc

Some combination of those will give you what you want


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