Save values to a new table within the ModelBuilder

06-01-2021 05:42 AM
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I'm pretty new to working in ArcGIS Pro so please excuse if this question has an obvious answer I'm just not seeing.

Since I want what I'm doing to be repeatable and even iterate it further down the line, I'm working in the ModelBuilder (ArcGIS Pro 2.7.1)

Basically what I'm trying to do is this: I have two tables containing 4 values of interest each (total of 8). Both tables contain their information in a 2*2 format (so two rows and two columns I'm interested in). I want to save these 8 values to a new table, but this time on the same row, so that I basically get a 8*1 table. I know that I can extract and name values from a table with the tool "Get Field Value" but I don't know how I can store this value to my new table. I've tried using the "Calculate Field" and then setting the expression to 

!"row name"! = %"value name"% 

but that leaves my table unchanged. Is there a tool or a combination of tools that would allow me to store values in specific cells in a table? In programming languages like R it's pretty easy to access single cells with expressions like table_name[row_number, column_number], is there an equivalent I could use in the ArcGIS Pro ModelBuilder?

Any help is very appreciated, thanks a lot!


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