How long does Hotspot Analysis Take?

05-26-2021 04:26 PM
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How long does it typically take to complete the hotspot analysis? I have a fairly large dataset, but it's been running for about 20 minutes now. Do I need to use a better computer or am I doing something wrong? For reference, my data consists of about 3,000 points. I am on the free trial and whenever I refresh the page, the map resets and I need to re-upload the layer

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What product are you working with (e.g. ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, etc.)?

If working with ArcGIS Pro, you can first run Can you run it from the system requirements page to get an initial sense if your machine meets the minimum or recommended requirements:



Also, you might be interested in this recent blog post about the Performance Assessment Tool:

Announcing the ArcGIS Pro Performance Assessment Tool (PAT) 

I know this doesn't specifically answer your question, but would be good indicators of whether the machine is performing optimally.  If we get this post to the right place (ArcMap or Pro) we may be able to get the community to offer some expected times for running Hot Spot Analysis on 3,000 points.