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Russian Invasion of Ukraine

02-28-2022 07:01 PM
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I want to create a map showing the impacts of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. I am finding it very difficult to find relevent GIS data. Any ideas would help. Thanks.

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I appreciate this information. My family and I are very worried about my cousin and her family that are still in Zaporozhzhia (Ukranian spelling)/Zaporozhye (Russian spelling). 

I have already shared with her this site. She is terrified to even leave her house. At least this can give her knowledge if she decides to make her move and leave. Yet, that's hard because her only son just turned 18 and can't leave. I can't image the anguish. She doesn't want to leave him behind. 

Jen Zumbado-Hannibal, GISP
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I hope she has made it out and is safe and well.

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BBC News is good one out there.

In Google : Type "Live on Ukraine and Russia interactive map"



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Me too. 

I'm starting with this. they probably have an open source map that people like us can support. if not, I'm sure they have data available


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Is there a way for me to help from my computer using Esri software? What about creating up to the minute web apps for locations near the front lines?

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