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Running a batch in the Modelbuilder

03-05-2024 04:14 AM
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I have been working on a project where I need to create new maps off of existing document numbers.

So far I have been doing this by putting in each document number individually then running it through my model and updating names wherever necessary.

However, I just heard that I might be expecting up to 700 of these document numbers, so I want to automate the process further.

For the new year, the data must be transformed and given a new document number, so I want to join a table containing all the current document numbers and their corresponding new numbers to the data and then run the whole thing as a batch where the modelbuilder automatically runs through the whole dataset per document number and automatically updates all the names to the new document number, but I am not quite sure how to do this as I have no proficiency with coding whatsoever, though if it isn't too complicated I am more than willing to try in order to make this project easier on myself

Is something like this possible and if so, how?

All tips are much appreciated!

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are you looking to iterate files?

Iterate Files (ModelBuilder)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

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You could make the table of old and new document numbers and use an iterator in ModelBuilder to cycle through each row and run the rest of your model, passing the values as variables, using inline variable substitution.

You could also do this with Python.

There is a free tutorial series here to help you get started with Python in ArcGIS Pro (although it is an introduction to data processing with Python, and does not touch on automating layouts).

For automation of mapping (updating titles in layouts, for example), you might look at this Esri Academy course:

and this course:



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