Rules behind the Reshape Feature-tool (in ArcgisPro)

06-30-2020 12:24 AM
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I'm always in a fight with the Reshape Feature-tool.

I very often end up with the part of the shape that I wanted to be deleted.

For example,I have a square parcel and I want to make it al little bit smaller by taking of a part of upper and right side. When I do that I very often end up with an L-shaped feature, which was actualy the part that I wanted to be #deleted.

Are there some specific rules behind this tool I have to take in account?

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Reshape a feature—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

Modify feature vertices—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

subtle differences exist between all the tools that exist in that toolset

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Tanks Dan, but I know the differences.

But I want my feature to be reshaped against an outline of a waterway, road or other feature, to cut that part out/away. So I choose Reshape Feature with the trace-function.

But very often I end up with the part of the road/waterway i wanted to delete being retained and the part I wanted to keep thrown away.example of what i mean

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Thanks for the feedback Dave, this comes up every now and again.

Reshape wasn't designed with splitting polygons in mind. There are internal rules that go beyond the direction of the reshaping sketch but there isn't much a user can do to change the outcome.

To help these cases, the split tool could have an optional mode to interactively choose a side to keep/delete, with a preview, after the splitting sketch has finished. Future work of course.