Revit's Project Information in ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online

04-26-2021 01:57 AM
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Good morning, i'm currently ending a thesis on the integration of BIM and GIS and its applications; the last step in my  study would be to correctly import the Project Information from Revit in ArcGIS Pro and later export them in ArcGIS Online with the Building Scene Layer Package, so that in my online scene informations on the overall buildings are avaiable, currently there is any kind of workflow i can use for this matter? Thanks in advance.

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What is BIM data?—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation for background, which I am sure you have seen.

Then there are a series of blog posts by esri staff on BIM and/or revit data from various perspectives

Incorporating your Revit Models into ArcGIS Urban (

and for other links

Search ArcGIS Blogs (

But I presume you are looking for something more tailored

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Thank you for your answer.

Yes, i already looked at all the available informations both from Esri and Autodesk.

We are studying a way to implement the informations of the overall building in ArcGisPro and then later in ArcGis Online, but we had problems in integrating those data in the 3D model because of the fact that Building Scene Layer Package d'ora not allow me to create It with a 'join' inside the data of the Layer.

I Guess the only way possibile Is to do a joint with the 2d shapefile of the Building.

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