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Rescale by Function - why is scale double not integer?

07-06-2023 02:52 AM
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I'm wondering if anyone can explain to me why my output raster from Rescale By Function analysis tool gives values as a "double" and not as an "integer" like the input raster?

I am rescaling a weighted sum output raster to a scale of 1-9. 

I know what the minimum and maximum possibly values could have been for my weighted sum raster.  At the moment my weighted sum results does not include the minimum and maximum possible score values so I am using the Rescale by Function tool to rescale the results based to a scale of 1-9.

Using the "Linear" transformation function I have specified what the minimum and maximum scores would be and stated that the minimum score be scaled to 1 and the maximum score be scaled to 9

I understand I could use weighted overlay which does a similar thing and rescales the resulting raster to a specified scale. However, I would like to understand the differences and specifically why "rescale by function" gives me values of e.g. 6.210527 integer, whereas weighted overlay output would value this as 6 and the output scale I have chosen (along with input raster) have all been "double"


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