Reports in Pro similiar to S123 feature reports

09-14-2021 06:51 AM
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Our data is stored in a non-public facing enterprise portal, and as far as I can tell we are not able to use the S123 feature report functions.  I am trying to use ArcGIS Pro to create similiar reports.  The first issue I'm having is using dynamic text to exclude fields that were not answered (<null>).  I tried <dyn type="report" property="field-value" field="ls_present" preStr="Livestock present? " emptyStr=""/>but it doesn't recognize the string as empty. Is there syntax for null? 

Or,is there a better method for mimicking the feature reports that S123 creates?  We'd like a report that shows some header info that is collected in S123 (planner name, client name, location, etc); the question and answers to questions that were answered (there may be 50 questions, only a few are required); and images/attachments associated with the answered questions.  The report would be based on single features - not the entire feature class.

Any help or examples is appreciated. Thanks.


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