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01-11-2021 03:09 PM
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I have been using the new feature report generation tool in ArcGIS Pro, which is great and largely does what is required. There do appear to be a couple of limitations however and I would be keen to understand what others have achieved. 

The main frustration is that you cannot have a report for a particular feature carry over more than 1 page. This means that if you have lots of content, plus a few image attachments, things can get crowded. Anyone, played around with the template to fix this?

Currently all attachments sits within a grid, is it not possible to break these out to place attachments in different locations?

Is it possible to insert a location map into the report template?

Lastly, and this is not directly related to the report functionality, has anyone coded a tool/interface that allows data to be filtered/selected and reports generated as individual files (pdfs) rather than a multi page pdf. It would be great if the script could then populate the feature class (in AGOL) with a url to the location of the attachment.

Anyway, lots of questions, but I would be keen to understand what others are doing.


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I would love to see a report gallery for ArcGIS Pro. And the other platforms as well. It would be great to see what's possible and determine what is not possible.