ArcGIS Pro issue with Longitude -180 not being recognized/Works in ArcMap problem also in New Map Viewer/Experience Builder

08-05-2021 08:32 AM
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I am using ArcGIS Pro 2.7 and recently noticed there is an issue with longitude values for -180 or 180 not being recognized by the software. These longitudes are recognized in ArcMap. I didn't notice this at first, but created a feature layer from the points in AGOL and these points are used in an Experience Builder app. The issue is carried forward all the way to Experience Builder. Although in AGOL the points with the -180 longitudes do show in the Classic Viewer, but not in the New Map Viewer so there seems to be all sorts of issues.

This area at -180 to work with in Esri software really is an issue, but to not recognize the longitude at all is a step way back.  This morning I was trying to diagnose and used the Go To XY in ArcGIS Pro to add in the coordinates of 54.5, -180 and a person can't even enter in -180 or 180 (see screenshot below). In ArcMap, using the same tool the program recognizes both -180/180 as legitimate coordinates.

So one issue is the desktop software, but the problem extends to AGOL in my experience with similar issues between Classic Viewer and New Map Viewer, with classic showing the points and the new map viewer not working. Finally I have an Experience Builder App and the points do not show here. I first noticed the issue here when filtering the points and noticed some were missing.

This has to be a bug right? The documentation for ArcGIS Pro states this:

"Latitude and longitude values represent an x,y coordinate location on the map. You can map x,y coordinate data using the World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS84) coordinate system. In this system, latitude (y) values range from -90 to 90, and longitude (x) values range from -180 to 180."

Are others having this issue?


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Hi Kathy - I see exactly what you're seeing and do wonder if it's a bug.  For example, I can type -179.9999 for Longitude and 54.5 for Latitude and ArcGIS Pro finds the XY just fine.  When I enter -180, it throw up the red on the User Interface that it cannot find the coordinate.  Just wondering, perhaps ArcGIS Pro is throwing the error because -180 and +180 are at the same location?

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Thanks @Robert_LeClair ,

I did end up submitting a tech support case for the issue. One thing we noticed is when the projection of the data frame is set to WGS 1984 Web Mercator (auxillary sphere) the Go To XY Tool will not for longitude coordinates that are 180 or -180. Similarly AGOL Map Viewer (new map viewer) does not show points with a longitude of -180 even though the records are in the feature layer. Also ArcGIS Pro if the projection is WGS 1984, the tool will work and show the location. In using ArcMap, there aren't issues. My end target is an Experience Builder map and currently the points with a longitude are not showing there as if there isn't enough to keep track of in these apps and the dataset has 36,000 points.


Esri Tech support submitted these BUGS.

BUG-000142067: Error Message: Coordinate is invalid in the Go To XY Tool if the longitude coordinate is 180 or -180 in the WGS 1984 Web Mercator (auxiliary sphere) Projection.

BUG-000142078: Map Viewer hangs or doesn't show a point that has a longitude coordinate of 180 or -180.

Always something,

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