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Relationships in a hierarchy

01-25-2024 07:15 AM
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Hello, I just have a quick question about relationship classes. I've tried looking into this in some of the other documentaion, but haven't yet found anything. 

In creating relationships and relates, are nested relationships possible?

For example, if I have a main layer "Survey Areas" and a relationship to "Site Location" back to that layer, if I relate another layer "Discoveries" back to the "Sites Location" layer, will I be able to view the information from the "Survey Areas" layer that is associated with the "Sites Location" layer? 

Thanks a bunch for any and all help! 

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Yes you can. Try it. Relates are hard to use. You can get a tree when querying with a popup. You can also select from a table and find related selections with the hamburger at the end of the table view. It requires manual triggering every time [Not like ArcView 3 and Avenue Dialog Designer where the selected records are highlighted, you can raise the selection to the top, not just filter and generally have a much better experience.]

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