Reclass Using Features in Pixel Editor

10-22-2021 05:02 AM
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Using ArcGIS Pro 2.8.3 - Using Reclass Using Features tool in Pixel Editor to edit a classified raster produced using the Deep Learning tools. It works somewhat, but not as accurately as I need it to. It will reclassify the region (created from the feature class I am using) but it will either leave an area inside the polygon as no data, or extend beyond the boundary of the polygon and create no data areas there. I cannot get it to only reclassify within the region (polygon) I have selected.

I see references to the "Exclude Regions Intersections" checkbox - the Pixel Editor Operations pane does not allow me to edit any Environment settings, so I am not sure if this is even relevant. I've tried all 4 values in the "Resolve Overlap Method" pane in Pixel Editor Operations pane with no success. 

I have only one polygon selected so there is no overlap. 

If anyone has experience with this tool, please let me know. It seems a good tool to reclassify my larger polygons which contain many smaller ones inside it.

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"Exclude Region Intersections" is only active when there are more than 1 region in the map.  The Selected Region will process the data, and any regions that intersect this will be excluded. 
Hint: You must click on Retain Regions to have more than one region available at one time.

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Thank you for responding - I am only selecting one polygon from my feature dataset and so only the selected region created from that polygon is processed. I have been sure to remove all regions after each attempt (even though I am sure I'm only working with one region.) I have tried all 4 values in the Resolve Overlap Method drop down (as there is no option to leave it blank.) I get the same result each time - the pixels contained in the polygon boundary to get reclassified, but as you can see from the attached image, areas outside the polygon are affected. The pixels that were there previously are changed to NO DATA. I need to find a way to limit the reclassification of pixels to only those contained inside the boundary of the polygon. Thanks again for any help.

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