"Move Value to Existing Heading" doesn't exist for raster datasets

05-02-2022 08:58 AM
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Why don't the same capabilities for managing value-based symbology exist for raster datasets the way they do for vector datasets? This is in 2.9

For instance, if you have a vector dataset symbolized on a field you can create headings and either right click and send a symbology value to an existing heading or drag it manually. Yet on a raster dataset you can symbolize on a value, specify headings, add values to new headings, but you can't add to existing headings or manually drag them (though the GUI suggests you can by displaying a line...it just doesn't actually work). 

This is what's available for vector data....

Screenshot (1).png

...Where you can see it's possible to manipulate symbology categories.

And here's what's available for a raster dataset...

Screenshot (2).png

Which means that if one needs to add a new category you have to start over entirely? It seems the only option is to start with a blank slate and then grab the necessary categories and and 'add to new heading.' But if you miss one you have to start over. You also can't re-order headings on a raster dataset. 

Is there a way to achieve the same functionality for addressing symbology categories for a raster dataset as one has for vector?


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