"Loading locators..." pop-up window

01-01-2021 05:40 AM
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I am running ArcGIS Pro 2.7

I walked away from my computer, no geoprocessing events running, just a dormant moment.

When I returned, this window had popped up

 Loading LocatorsLoading Locators

Don't know what it is or what triggered it, but can't make it stop without breaking the program. I don't think I would lose too much work, if any, but I'd like to identify what caused it and how to not repeat this interruption. Thanks in advance

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Do you host any previously used locators on a different machine? Wondering if a temporary service disruption there would cause some kind of automatic refresh in an otherwise dormant client session. 

Very strange though!

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One question - how many Locators have you (or your administrator) set up for your ArcGIS Online/Portal?  For my Locators in the Catalog, I have 3 by default I believe.  

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I'm having the same problem.  Pro 2.7, with the latest patch installed today.  Loading locators randomly popped open and I cannot close it, or do anything else in Pro.  I'm 30 points in to a very challenging georeference and having to kill the program will be very very painful.

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I did not have any Locators running except the default ArcGIS Online one. I was not even doing locator work at the time, but I did have to kill Pro unfortunately. I have not had this same problem again, though. Nathan_T I feel your pain!