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"Fixed Extent" Doesn't Stay Fixed

08-21-2023 01:43 PM
New Contributor II

Most of the work I do is for print-style reports, using map frames in layouts.  In ArcGIS Pro, I always set my map frames to "fixed extent" so that they don't zoom/pan while I'm working in activated map frames, moving around labels and graphics and whatnot.


Whenever (in an activated map frame, with extent set to "fixed extent") I drag a feature such as a graphic or a feature vertex near the edge of the map frame's extent or the edge of my monitor, the extent of the map frame shifts to include the area my cursor is moving towards.  This shift remains when I close the map frame activation. To return the map extent to where I had it set when I set the map frame constraints to "fixed extent", I have to change map frame constraints to "None", use a bookmark or manually drag the extent back to where I want it, and then change map frame constraints back to "Fixed Extent".  The option to return to previous extent is grayed out even after changing map frame constraints to "None" - as though the software doesn't recognize that the extent has shifted. However, refreshing the layout does not return the previous extent, so it definitely does shift - it's not a temporary glitch in how it renders things on the screen.

When possible, I do work from the map rather than the layout to avoid this issue. Working from the activated map frame in the layout is often necessary however, as I need to be able to see where a figure's extent ends (and thus where I need to move things to/from). 

This happens many times a day and drives me absolutely bonkers.  Is there a setting I'm missing that would make a fixed extent ACTUALLY fixed? When I say I want the extent fixed, I don't want it to budge under any circumstances.

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