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"Create Geoprocessing Cache" message for ArcGIS Pro on Lab Computers

07-13-2023 10:41 AM
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Hello everyone! 

I'm curious if there is anyone that manages a public GIS lab with ArcGIS Pro and has recommendations for this.

We are currently experiencing some long "Create Geoprocessing Cache" messages for ArcGIS Pro on our share public computers. I think this message is supposed to appear when Pro is first installed, but it actually appears every time a new user tries to log into ArcGIS Pro on a shared public machine.

Has anyone else who manages a public computer with ArcGIS Pro experienced the same thing? Does anyone have a workaround or something they've done to get around this message? The message runs for a good 30 seconds - so it appears at first like it's frozen, and it's really confusing for the users.

Extra details:

  • We have the latest version of Pro
  • We are using Named User licenses on these machines (but the same thing also happens of Pro with the Single Use license)
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Question for you - in your public GIS Lab are you using Citrix by chance?

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