Question regarding access to the Relative Replica Connection in ArcGIS Pro

03-16-2022 01:57 PM
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Dear Esri experts,

Within ArcGIS Pro (currently running 2.9.2), when accessing a replica's Replica Properties > Advanced tab > Relative Replica Connection, why am I restricted to a Geodatabase file type from the Relative Replica Connection pop-up?


Drop-down list only shows Geodatabases:



For us, we use a combination of disconnected replication and connected replication. Our disconnected replicas rely on a geodata service and not a geodatabase. We need to be able to set the relative replica connection to the geodata service for our disconnected replicas. Otherwise, we are forced to manually navigate to the geodata service each time we execute the Synchronize Changes geoprocessing tool.



ArcMap allows the user to set the Relative Replica Connection to a geodatabase *or* a geodata service, so I would expect to see the same behavior within ArcGIS Pro...?


Is there a reason that geodata services are not accessible yet for this feature within Pro? Is it a bug, roadmap item, or otherwise?

This issue is causing headaches for our end-users and is slowing our roll-out of Pro. We've been able to band-aid this in the near-term by creating local models in Modelbuilder and deploying those on custom Pro tabs, but it is not the preferred solution.

Thanks for any feedback,


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@VinceAngelo  - do you have any thoughts about this ArcGIS Pro Replication question and functional equivalency with ArcMap?  Thx!

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This is not a solution, but an update. Esri Support has confirmed to me that this is a bug with ArcGIS Pro. It is being logged as BUG-000147966. They indicated that there is no current time-table on a fix for this.

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