QUESTION: How to find unicode of existing marker in ArcGIS Pro?

08-30-2022 11:07 AM
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I have ArcGIS Pro 2.9.0 and wanted to find what symbols were being used to create a point marker.  I found the Layers under the Properties tab and clicked on "Font."  It doesn't automatically go to the correct font and symbol which shows the unicode.

It would do this in ArcMap.  The Character Marker tab would go to the correct font and then show the symbol used highlighted.  It made it very easy to find where the layer components came from.

Is there a way to do this in Pro without having to search multiple fonts or the symbols within each font?

The symbols being looked at are from a lyr file that may have been made in ArcMap.

Thank you for your time,

Amy Rose

City of Dallas, TX


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