Querying mosaic and LAS datasets footprints

11-29-2022 12:17 AM
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I need to analyze the area covered by some polygons. The analysis are based on mosaic and LAS datasets.
Since the mosaic/LAS datasets contain several thousand raster and las files it seems to take ages to do the analysis.

For example, to create my workflow I used a minimal subset of the LAS files to create a LAS dataset and the *StackProfile* analysis went within seconds. Now that I have more las files building the LAS dataset it takes 2 minutes to do the analysis.

Hence, I was thinking to use the polygon to identify the files of the mosaic/LAS dataset intersecting with the polygon, extract their name (or better source path) and create smaller mosaic/LAS datasets on-the-fly.

Can somebody help me out on how to query a mosaic/LAS dataset for the footprints and get the footprint name or source path returned?

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