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11-04-2021 04:47 PM
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In need of some help here,

I am planning to convert my Fiber engineers from using QGIS to ArcGIS Pro. One of the most important tool for them in QGIS is the ability to do a Rule-base symbology on a feature layer and be able to turn on and off  certain rules from the rules list they created under that feature layer in the table of content (see attached image). I am aware of how to do a Rule-base symbology in ArcGIS Pro via "Unique Value" and playing with the scales to show certain rule classes at certain scale. However, there is no way to turn on or off any of the classes as I am able to do in QGIS (see attached image). Is there a work around for this in ArcGIS Pro or is there a feature in Pro I am not aware of?

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Unfortunately, this feature is currently not part of ArcGIS Pro, to selectively turn individual categories within a categorized symbology. You do see this sort of thing in the "Interactive Legend" web app, but unless I'm missing something, it's missing in the desktop program. It would be an excellent addition, as I love that particular feature in Q.

The next closest thing would be to subtypes or something, but that lacks the flexibility to define and toggle categories on the fly.

- Josh Carlson
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Have new funtionalities been built in ArcGIS Pro to cover some of this?

I am currently looking for a way to set up rules to make my symbology vary depending on the entity used in my map series: for the map showing this location, I want to show the entities using the stats for it, which are in a specific field; for another location, I want to use another field, containing the stats for that location.

It can easily be set up in QGIS using the rule-based symbology and queries involving attributes from the dynamic pages (@atlaspagename and so on) or the geometries used in the dynamic page.

Is there a way to do this in ArcGIS Pro (version 2.8) ?

So far, I've only found dynamic filters on entities (page queries) and attribute-driven symbology, but the latter does not seem to allow me to pick the field on which the symbology is based and make it vary based on a query involving the spatial map series.

Many thanks!


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I have recently had to revert to using ArcGIS Pro after several years with QGIS - this has been a real pain point when trying to create symbolgy that is dynamically generated based on a number of fields. I would love to see this feature as it's incredibly powerful and flexible.

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Has anyone submitted an Idea for this? I'd love to upvote it.


Edit: Toggle visibility for individual Categories on Sym... - Esri Community

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